Rooster Teeth’s 14th Anniversary

Rooster Teeth is a video production company based in Austin, TX that produces a variety of comedic online video content.  The company was started in 2003 in the bedroom of one of their founders when they began working on their first show Red vs. Blue, which is created using character models in the Halo franchise.  The company has since expanded beyond their website and has a huge YouTube presence with nearly 9 million subscribers and 5 billion channel views.  Last year they produced their first feature length film Lazer Team, with the help of their community who helped them fund the project.  It’s undeniable that they’re a juggernaut in the online video world with their own network of YouTube channels along with organizing RTX which is an international gaming convention with events in Austin, Australia, and London.

For context, YouTube has only been around since 2005 so for Rooster Teeth fans in the early days, watching their videos was a much more difficult process.  Today things are quite a bit more streamlined so Rooster Teeth is able to employ around 300 people from animators, editors, set designers, on camera talent, and much more.  On YouTube they have their main Rooster Teeth channel where they post their live action shows like Immersion where they test how video game scenarios would work in the real world, they also have comedy sketches and improv shows, as well as several video podcasts.  Their other channel The Know reports on the latest tech and video game news as well as certain film, television, and entertainment news.  One of their largest networks is the Let’s Play Network which incorporates Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Kinda Funny, Cow Chop, The Creatures, and Game Attack.  Each of these channels produces both video game and personality centered content and all have their own fan community.

The company has grown immensely since their inception, especially in the last few years, and yesterday they celebrated their 14th anniversary which is an incredible accomplishment for an online media company.  I’ve only been following them since about 2012 so I’m fairly new to the community, but I look forward to seeing where they go and what they do next!


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